Asura Sotosuri (lethal_insanity) wrote in jinnlovers,
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I figured you all would understand better than anyone...

I miss him!!! Okay, yes, I know he isn't gone because he's 'one with the Force', but... I'm so sad still...

AGH!!!! He was so gorgeous, strong, and intelligent. Such a wonderful Jedi he was. I just want to rip Darth Maul's--um-- lightsaber off for taking Master Jinn from us!

With that, I'll leave you all to your collective thoughts on Master Jinn. Here's a blinkie for him and Obi behind the cut. It's kind of slashy, but if you don't like slash, it can be put in the mentor/student, father-figure context. ^-^ I didn't want to offend anyone. *heart*

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